It is true that we have reached a technological advanced stage. We might even venture to say a great technological age. But, compared to what is our…

July 2022

After reading Mark Seidenberg's Language at the Speed of Sight, it becomes blatantly clear that the claims of speed reading and other fraudulent…

May 2022

David Epstein's Ted Talk: "How Falling Behind Can Get You Ahead"

January 2022

Destruction of Meaning and the Birth of Bullshit as Poetic Anti-Art

December 2021

that’s all she wrote the fat lady has sung écriture is down gone with the wind has met its fate bit the bullet shot and hanged it is no more

November 2021

I have always had my issues with the word overbearing. It has always been problematic for me to reconcile its meaning and usage because it’s such a…

October 2021

Race appropriation is another term for racism

September 2021

Delicious or Disgusting

August 2021

My yacht is big and hard not curvy and elegant like a sailboat. It’s white as Titty’s milk when she breastfeeds But sailing is for losers I like to…
Maritime Douchebaggery

July 2021

Uncrumbled poetry
My neologisms