Trans-Korean or Trans-gressor

Race appropriation is another term for racism

Let me be very clear from the outset, there will be no mincing of words in this post. By now, it should be as Clear as the A in *sshole on a billboard that trans-Korean is not a thing and will never be (unless we get to be Trans-White, Trans-Black, Trans-All-Ethnicities and trample on other people’s rights and feelings like a megalomaniac). No need to look up the term in the dictionary, it's not there let alone on Wikipedia:

The page "Trans-Korean" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

Neither is it a social or cultural construct invented this year. It is, mildly speaking, one man’s (or should I say one non-binary person’s) self-serving, egomaniacal, narcissistic construct that has no foot in reality, not even a toe, not a tiny, incy wincy, little bit. It’s as real as Dolezal’s ignorant mis-conception of transracial. It’s not true, it’s not some kind of personal truth: there’s nothing truthful about this contrivance. In trump / maga speak, it is fake news and alternative facts. Oli is a fake Rolex (trans-Rolex?).

I truly don’t get this trans-Korean sloblock. I don’t think anyone gets it, not even Oli. Nobody wants to be trans-American. People who wants to be American immigrate, go through the process of naturalization, take the oath of allegiance. Oli doesn’t really aspire to become Korean. He-she is merely in love with the idea to which the cosmetic surgery is a testimonial. Any reasonable human being can see past this less than skin-deep gesture, which has categorically nothing to do with Korea or being Korean. If Oli genuinely wanted to become Korean, he-she would move to Korea, live, learn, love the language and culture, and become a Korean citizen. Oli could have avoided the whole issue of race if only they had approached the matter in a reasonable and rational way.

This trans-train has not only become runaway, it has derailed down the proverbial slippery slope. Trans-lines have been crossed and this trans-mania has gone too far in its attempt to establish a Baudrillardian regime of trans-reality in which truth and value are made of empty signifiers. It is time to end these trans-gressions here and now. It’s time to close certain borders before this sort of self-indulgent fake woke trans-formalism trans-lates into psychopathy where distinction between self and other does not exist.

What London has achieved is dragging the trans community into an issue that really does not concern them. His-her trans-Korean self-proclamation has nothing whatsoever to do with transsexual and transgender issues. I don’t have a problem with London’s non-binary status (though I find the expression ridiculous), but trans-Korean is not comparable to transgender. Enough is enough, Oli’s fake Koreanism is, mildly put, insulting. What it genuinely is cannot be stated soon enough, vociferously enough, nor harsh enough: it is not only cultural appropriation, it is race appropriation since not all ethnic Koreans are culturally Koreans.

In other words, it is racist and should be denounced as racist as Braden Hill and Stevie Lane write in their article of July 2 2021, “No, You can't identify as 'transracial'. But you can affirm your gender”:

London’s words and actions are a prime example of racism, cultural appropriation, and transphobia, enacted from a perspective of considerable privilege. Trans and gender diverse experiences don’t equate with someone deciding to change their appearance to be part of a group whose experiences, community and struggles they can’t fully understand. (Hill and Lane)

Oli’s race appropriation is outrageous. Assuming a “race” to which one does not belong is stealing, encroaching on a fundamental part of that ethnic group’s identity. It is an act of erasure, an effacing of the histories, collective and individual, of millions people in which cultural and personal identity are indissolubly embedded. Oli’s act of appropriation in one foul swoop seeks to nonchalantly uproot, throw other people’s lives in the garbage bin just so he can exercise his right to self-express, self-identify at the expense of others whose rights, history, and identity obviously mean nothing to him-her. Is Oli’s insensitivity, narcissism, and stupidity ushering in a new era of trans-despotism or trans-abuse? If people cannot see through this egotistical, self-serving, self-promoting charade, they become Oli’s accessory.

Oli London is a masquerade, a pretender who claims to be something that he-she is not. He-she is the Emperor parading in his-her new clothes. He-she is certainly not H.C. Andersen’s Ugly Duckling.